HRH COLLECTION - WHERE'S my bracelet WHY do i get charged ????

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So back in October 23 2012 i got into this website because i was sure it would be safe because it has a YOUTUBE channel "HRH COLLECTION", oh well silly me this girl called ALEX is one of those "LA snobs i have it all" and has a jewelry company online called i placed my order for a bracelet and well it is January 17 2013 and i have not received it, i contacted their SALES department and i always got a blew off answer by this lady called DEBBIE she simply said that my bracelet would arrived blah blah she said she could not do anything not like i live in Japan or Morroco you are shipping this to *** MEXICO maaaaan !!!!,i mean for me to be waiting for so long and YES of course i got charged in my card. *** PISSED...

Monetary Loss: $32.



She went to "graduate school" in China to learn how to buy yards of cheap metal chains that she simply cuts and puts a clasp on and sells for $50+ a pop. Genius.


Standard operating procedures for this scam artist.

Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas #1062558

Ordered the tshirt necklace and was very disappointed with product quality. Will never order this *** again


All you people are idiots, buying things with super high markups like this just so you can feel like your'e like this girl.

to Anonymous #1091882

Yep, a necklace that costs her $8.00 (max) to make she sells for $50+ then takes about 4 weeks to mail it out!

Cerritos, California, United States #995614

She sent me a choker that was cut an inch too short, then sent me a replacement in the wrong color, then had me send that back to her. Didn't reimburse me the shipping fee.

Then while I'm waiting for her to tell me she got the return, my other necklace broke! So I send her a picture and tell her I want my money back because it's nothing but problems. She told me it looked like "I ripped the necklace apart".

I went off on her and her assistant Ashley did the damage control. They refused to do a refund so I reluctantly exchanged for bracelets.

Took over a month to get to me and I live 20 minutes from her office.



I ordered 200 worth of product from HRH about a month ago. Have yet to receive a confirmation order.

Have tried emailing her twice and no response. I will never order from her again so disappointed.

to Anonymous Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1152373

I would call my bank or credit card company and dispute the charge. I got ripped off for approximately $200.

I sent the products back. I had to get my bank in on it and within a month I had all my money back into my account.

I was so thankful my bank took it over and I didn't have to deal with this company again. It is worth trying.


it's been 14 days since I ordered a necklace and we both live in LA. Insane.. I still haven't received the necklace nor a shipping notification.

Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States #957467

Very poor quality used items . Don't shop with her slow service no matter where you are !

Products made with toxic metals . Rashes will appear.

San Francisco, California, United States #948761

same thing happened to me and she is a racist and homophobic, never supporting her crappy business ever again

Los Angeles, California, United States #808141

I'd like to comment my experience with the HRH jewelry I have purchased, the clasp on all my bracelets have turned a brassy copper color giving the jewelry a very cheap look. I no longer wear them because they make your whole look cheap, very disappointing.

to belindaswendsen0 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #894974

I bought about 300 dollars worth of jewelry from her a couple of years ago and as I love the designs, half of the jewelry tarnished for me as well. The other half, I do still like, but for the high prices I expect better quality.

Dana Point, California, United States #741981

How can she own a bunny rabbit and wear fur? Every purse has a rabbits foot on it.... isn't that...ummm....SAD/CRUEL!

She is on the as well as her brother lol

Dana Point, California, United States #741980

She has been a racist superficial snob since high school. No one should buy from her. and FYI she was a complete looser in HS and no one liked her at all.


HAHAH A. Peirce probabily did it because you are mexican and she's racist!! look what I found out the other day, I am soo disappointed :cry


here is the proof..


I know this is out of topic, but the owner, Alex, is an opely racist woman and I won't buy from her again. She does'n t deserve my money!!!!

New York City, New York, United States #638443

I know, she is a snob.. I ordered the same bracelet, and it took almost a month to get here, and I live in NY

I've heard a lot of stories about the same problem. Seriously, I really don't understand how she still has business. I will NEVER buy from her again. Try some shops that have similar stuff.

to Sofia #661138

it was a bad experience, was partially fixed in the end but still was not satisfied...

to Sofia #988405

Yes I agree, however this chick, Lorraine Rosario of est1984jewelry, is totally a copycat of Alex. She sells the SAME Stuff, wears the SAME clothes and says the SAME things.

Honestly it's almost scary!

She looks like a stalker, check her blog/Instagram/YouTube. I dont know Who is better between them!!

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